Beauty And Brains: The Wisdom Of Queen Esther

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The story of Esther in the Bible is the story of favour and love. Esther is a lady that was
favoured irrespective of her background.

A queen was dethroned and that was what gave Esther the chance to become a queen.

The King asked for beautiful ladies to be showcased before him and out of all the beautiful ladies
Esther was chosen because she was a favoured person.

The Bible says Esther obtained favour in the sight of all who saw her. When her people were faced with a challenge and there was a plan to annihilate her people, she did not close her eyes to them even though she was affected directly.

She spoke to the king on their behalf and the king permitted them to fight back and
defend themselves.

Esther made use of her position to save generations.

That is why the story of Esther is still relevant in today’s world and it will continue to remain
relevant for generations to come.

It teaches us about loving sacrificially irrespective of our position.
One of the things lacking in today’s world is love. People no longer love or care for their

Most people are selfish and have become lovers of themselves. They don’t help other people if
they are not going to benefit from it.

Beauty and Brains

The book of Proverbs it’s say that beauty without character is like a gold ring in the nose of a pig.
What that implies is that beauty alone is not sufficient, you need to have brains and this will help
you shape your character.

In the story of Esther, we can see that only the beautiful and the best ladies were chosen for the

It is similar to what we have these days, the kings always select and marry the most beautiful
Asides from Esther’s beauty, you can see that she was an intelligent lady.

The reason why I’m saying this is because she had the wisdom to fast and pray when her people
were faced with issues. She also told her people to fast and pray along with her.

Another thing she did that caught my attention was the fact that she passed her message on to
the king to subtly which made him respond appropriately.

So, you can see that it is not just good for a lady to be beautiful outside and empty inside.
When you have both outside and inside beauty as a lady, you will become more attractive.
Having beauty only is okay but it has its limitations.

Queen Esther’s Wisdom

As I discussed earlier, Esther also shows that she possesses wisdom by conveying her message
to the King in a subtle manner.

In her relationship with her uncle, her people and everyone she interacted with, she used wisdom.
If Esther had not applied wisdom and taken up the matter in a wise way, her people would have

You will also notice that Esther did not request anything than what was given in preparation
for her to go see the king. This is wisdom telling her to be contented.

Esther didn’t reveal her background to anyone and this goes to show that Esther was a gentle
person and not a talkative. People that talk too much divulge a lot of unnecessary information.

The Power of Courage

When Hamaan planned to destroy the Jews, the plan was sealed by the king already and the
a natural thing or anyone to do is to give up because the king has approved that the Jews will be

But Esther went ahead to see the king knowing that it might cost her life. That is a show of
courage from the part of Esther.

It is not everyone that can take a risk that involves their life. Most people will rather hide when
faced with a challenge that can take their life.

You can see in the case of Esther that she didn’t go into hiding instead she took courage to
present her case before the king even though it might take her life. This is the purest form of
love, having the courage to courage to risk your life for others. Not everyone can do that.


Esther’s story is a touching one, even though it looks like an old story, it is still applicable in
today’s world.

The story of Esther is a story of grass to grace. She was a nobody and within some period, she
was promoted to Queen.

Her story is also a story of favour. There were several ladies selected to become the queen but
Esther was the chosen one because the king favoured her over the others. This still happens in
today’s world in a situation whereby you are favoured out of several people.

The story of Esther is also a story of courage. It teaches us to take risks to experience the
changes we desire. For you to get to some levels in life, you need to have the courage by taking risks.
You can read through the story of Esther again and as you read through, let it inspire you to be a
better person.

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