24 Profitable Businesses You Can Do In Nigeria

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24 Profitable Businesses You Can Do In Nigeria

Every country has its own business opportunity and it’s also the same in Nigeria. There are profitable businesses that you can do in Nigeria, don’t let anyone deceive you that people are not making money in Nigeria. People are making profit from their businesses and all you need to do is look around you to spot opportunities in your environment.

I believe that you can actually succeed in any business that you do but different effort is needed for each business because you might need to invest more money before you can make profit in some businesses.

I will be showing you some businesses which I believe which you can start with low investment and still make profit in short period of time.

Transportation business

transport biz

There are people always moving from one location to the other in a day and they can’t do all the movement using their legs. So, they need to use their car or a public transport and that’s where you come in.

You can provide service for people by providing vehicles that can transport them to different locations

Everyone is looking for a secured and comfortable means of transportation


Some companies with good product want to promote their product and one of the ways they do it is by partnering with distributors to sell their products.

There are usually requirements to meet before you can become a distributor with most companies and once you meet those requirements, you can apply and start doing business with them.

Most times these requirements are things like having startup funds, having a business account, having a office to do business and so on.



Everyone needs to be educated and everybody should be educated. Education is something that people desire and can pay to get it.

I do not think it is wise for you to be in the business of education if you do not have passion for educating people because if you are in it for the profit only you will be doing more harm than good to people’s lives.

Food business

Some people are lazy or don’t have time to cook but they also want to eat. I’ve not seen any man that can do without food, even if you say you don’t like eating, you will still have to eat.

Food business is lucrative business because everybody eats and most people eat more than once daily


Everyone needs to clothe themselves and most people need to get enough clothes to wear. Some people shop for clothes monthly, some people do it week but the thing is that you will always get customers as everyone wants to look good.


One of the common foods in Nigeria is bread and you can hardly see someone who doesn’t eat bread in Nigeria, in short some people eat bread almost every day. So if you are producing bread, you will definitely get people to buy from you.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning business has to do with helping people to wash their clothes and packaging it. This is a profitable business to do because some people don’t have time to wash their clothes but prefer to give it to a dry cleaner.

Furniture making

Use of chairs and tables are is important in every household while some even change theirs  yearly. The thing is that people buy new furniture regularly.

Businesses also makes use of furniture to give physical structure to their offices imagine an office without chairs and tables, which means there will be no comfortable environment to work.

Soap making

There are people in the soap making business already and I do not believe that the soap business niche has been saturated already. I believe it is a business that one can run profitably.

Event planning

Event planning is another business that is profitable but you need to be good at it and you should also be able to get enough customers to make profit.

Real estate

This is an evergreen business because it has always been around and it has always been profitable. Imagine you buy a land, leave it for some years while it appreciate in value and sell it at a higher price.


Agriculture is a large business that involves poultry, farming, fishery etc. so it is advisable that you focus on one line of this business. Agricultural business has great potential because it has not really been tapped into, there are still plenty of opportunities in this line of business.

Barbing salon

Barbing salon is a business you can start cheap and make profit from because all you need to do is have a shop and get the tools and materials you will need to work, once and you will keep using it. Some of the tools and materials are clipper, sterilizer, mirror, chair, hair cream, shampoo, etc.

Shoe making

Shoe making business is also another business you can profit from in Nigeria because the business is not saturated already and there is no known brand locally that has a hold on the market, so there is opportunity for people to make profit from that line of business.


Software business has more to do with your skills and your ability to come up with software that can solve people’s problem. It’s a business that entails you come up with new ideas and it is also a profitable business.

Web Development

Web development is also a profitable business because you are offering a service based on your skills. So, you just have to invest in getting the skills and you can start the business but you also need to be able to market your business so a to get enough customers to make profit.

Car sales

Selling of cars is a good business you can make profit from because people want to be mobile therefore cars are sold regularly. You can make profit from sell cars if you know how to buy and import the cars at cheap price and then sell it at a higher price to make profit.

Computer sales

New businesses keep coming out every day and these businesses will definitely need a computer to make their operations smoothly, therefore there is always sales of computer system be  it laptop or desktop PC.

Phone sales

Some people keep changing their phones maybe because they get tired of the old phone or because a new model of their phone is out. Well, the bottom line is that some people just keep buying phones and you will be doing them a great favour if you are selling the phone that they want to buy.

Business Centre

This business seems saturated already but I believe you can still make profit from it because it has a low startup cost and it can be done in most locations as most people need these services. The services include typing, printing, editing, designing and scanning of documents.

Marketing consultant

One sure way to make profit is helping other businesses to sell their products. This is cool because you don’t need to have your own product, all you need to do is sell other peoples products and get paid for it.


Import and export business is a business you can profit from because it has a lot of potentials. You can focus on importing only or exporting only or you can do both.

Things you can export include raw materials like cow horn, cashew nut, beans, yam etc.  While you can import goods like laptop, phones, clothes, etc.

Buying and selling

This is a very common business you hear people they are into. Just like the name implies it means you buy products at cheap price and sell it at a higher price and you do not need to focus on one niche, you can focus on as many niches as you feel are profitable.

Invest with banks

Investing with banks is also an option if you want to avoid risking your funds but the interest is usually low but it is better you invest your funds than leave it idle in the bank.


There are several profitable businesses that you can venture into in Nigeria. So, stop make excuses and make a move today and you are on your way to profiting. Some of these business are expensive while others have low startup cost, you can look at the one suitable for you and start with it.

In business it is always good you start small and grow your business with time and that is what I will advise you to do, just start with the resources you have now and grow your business with time.

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