What Does It Mean to Be Transformed by God?

To transform something means to change that thing into something else. So in simple terms, we can say transform means change.

God can call anyone unto Himself because he loves us but God does not want us to remain the same. God wants us to change He wants us to be a better version of ourselves.

I understand that some people believe that you can come to God the way you are, that is true. But you cannot remain in God the way you are.

God wants you to grow to become a better person. God doesn’t want you to be stagnant.

In the book of Act 13:9, God used Saul but Saul had to change to Paul which is a better version of home Saul.

If you want to be called by God and remain useful in His kingdom, you need to understand some things.

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Marketing: The Heartbeat of Every Business

The heart is one of the most important organs in the body, if the heart isn’t functioning, that person will die. This goes to show that the heart is important to the body.

Every business also has a heart and that heart is the marketing aspect of the business. You need to make the marketing aspect of your business functional, or else your business will die.

The best businessmen are not the ones with the best products. The best businessmen are the ones who can promote their products to the right audience thereby adding value to them.

If you have not taken your business’s marketing aspect seriously before now, it is time to start doing so.

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How to Increase Your Knowledge in Any Subject

Knowledge simply means having enough information and facts about something. knowledgeable people are the ones who rule the world.

Knowledgeable people are the ones who become leaders because they know something that others do not know, they have enough information about situations surrounding them.

Even though we need to have fun sometimes, life is not all about fun, you need to take life seriously and get more knowledgeable so that you can become a leader.

If you are not knowledgeable, you won’t be well informed to make the right decisions instead you will keep making wrong decisions.

The reason why some people fail in life is because they lack the knowledge they need to succeed.

Being knowledgeable is not the only ingredient for success in life but it is the foundation of your success in life because it will help you make informed decisions and help you live wisely.

I have noticed over time that people with knowledge control those without knowledge. It is more like a case of the brain telling the body where to go and what to do

people with knowledge do more of the critical thinking work in a group and they leave the physical work to be done by others.

You will get more appreciated for being a knowledgeable person than for your physical strength. Anybody can possess physical strength easily by going to the gym and exercising but getting knowledge is a higher task.

I will be showing you some things you can do to be a more knowledgeable person

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How to Manage Pressure at Work: 10 Proven Tips

It is normal to face pressure at work but knowing how to manage pressure at work is what makes the difference.

Pressure will always come because it is part of the work but you must be able to manage it.

Anyone who can’t manage pressure can’t go far in life because the higher you go in life the more responsibilities and pressure you will face.

The same thing applies in your place of work, the higher your position, the more responsibilities and pressure you will face.

So, your position at work determines how much stress you will go through.

What matters at the end of it all is your ability to manage stress. That is what will make the difference between you and others

Here arr some proven tips that can help you manage stress at work.

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How to Achieve Financial Freedom Before 30

Financial freedom is a topic that is important to everyone, don’t let anyone deceive you not to take the financial aspect of your life seriously.

There are two categories of people in life, those who have financial freedom and those who are debt-ridden.

The difference between these two sets of people is that those who have attained financial freedom don’t live in debt, they have enough savings and they have enough funds to support their lifestyle and decisions conveniently.

Debt-ridden people are always under pressure whenever it comes to spending to support their lifestyles because they do not have enough funds to support their lifestyles and decisions.

The major difference between these two sets of people is preparation. People who have attained financial freedom were able to because they prepared ahead of time.

The question you should ask yourself today is how are you preparing yourself for financial freedom.

The best time to start preparing is now, no matter how young you may be you can start planning for your future now.

Some tips can help you attain financial freedom if you are in your 20s or 30s. I will be discussing some of those tips in this post.

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10 Skills That Will Set You Up For Success In Your 30s And Beyond.

Where we are today is a function of the choices we have made in the past. That means if you want to be successful in your 30s, there are decisions you need to make now to make that happen.

Success doesn’t happen in a day and success doesn’t happen by luck. You need to plan and work hard to be successful in life.

From the statement above, you can see that success is a function of our daily habits. Success is what we become over time based on the skills we have and what we do with it.

You can achieve success early in life if you plan for your success early. Guess what! You can also achieve success in life late if you start planning late.

In the real sense, success is rather late than never, which means achieving success late isn’t bad but I prefer to achieve success early in life. So, the choice is yours.

There are some skills you need to develop as a young person if you want to be successful in your 30s.

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10 Activities You Should Avoid as a Youth

In this post, I will be discussing activities that you should avoid as a youth so that you can have a successful future.

This post is meant for anyone who is a youth. what do I mean when I say someone is a youth?

A youth is anyone at his or her peak in terms of health and energy. A youth is anyone active and responsible for making decisions for himself or herself.

Youth doesn’t necessarily refer to the age range only. So, irrespective of your age, if you are still active and you are reading this post then you are a youth.

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How to Overcome Drug Addiction: A Comprehensive Guide

In case you know someone suffering from drug addiction or maybe you are suffering from drug addiction, I have good news for you, you can overcome drug addiction.

Drug addiction is not something that happens to you consciously, it is a gradual process that happens unconsciously.

In this post, the drugs I am referring to are called hard drugs. they are mostly taken to increase pleasure, excitement, and energy and forget about worries.

When you are taking hard drugs, you start enjoying it and getting used to it till you get to a level where the drugs get a hold of it and you can’t do without it.

Some drugs people take include Colos, weed, codeine, cocaine, tramadol and monkey tail.

These chemical mixtures are dangerous to human health. even though it gives some people a feeling of ecstasy, it is dangerous.

Addiction is a good thing if you are addicted to the right things. You can be addicted to reading, good daily habits, hard work, waking up early, learning, meditation, charitable giving and exercise.

Being addicted to the right things will make you successful in life.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Write Regularly

You might be wondering why you must start writing regularly even when you are not a professional writer.

We might all have the same thoughts but how we express and write them out will be different because we can’t just write the same way and that’s why it is easy to detect plagiarism.

Writing is one of the means of sharing your opinion, we all have the right to express our opinion and we should do that regularly.

I can tell you that I find it hard to write sometimes but I just try my best to write as often as I can because I know it is beneficial to me.

The reason I am writing to post is to let you know that writing is beneficial and you should do it regularly.

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