Moses’ Hidden Key: Unlocking Success through Humility

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Moses was one of the men in the Bible that was recorded who saw the glory of God. God also spoke about Moses.

God also testified about Moses being the meekest man on the face of the earth.

Moses had to learn meekness before he was promoted by God. Don’t be deceived to think that there is any greatness without humility.

Pride can bring a successful man down, you might not notice it but it happens a lot.

A lot of successful people are stagnant and placed in one position because of pride. Pride can limit your success and that is a form of downfall.

Some of the points we can learn from the story of Moses include

Humility can be learned through experience

Moses had to learn humility when he fled to the land of Midian.

He was raised as a prince in Egypt and a prince is trained as a special person which makes them naturally proud.

A prince sees himself as better than every other person around because of the training he has received.

So for Moses to stay in the land of the Midian and live with the priest of Midian, he had to adapt to their lifestyles because he didn’t come there with anything.

Moses fell from being a priest to being a shepherd. It was an experience God orchestrated for him to pass through so that he could learn humility.

Moses went through the experience of learning humility and you can see that there was a difference in the Moses who left Egypt and the Moses who returned to Egypt.

You can learn humility by studying and practicing the word of God

The word of God is our guide to live a successful life (Jos 1:8). The word of God teaches us to be humble.

If you study and practice what the word of God says, you will be a humble person.

If you study the word of God, you will know that God loves humble people and he promotes them.

you will also know that God resists the proud. That means that God stands against them in their dealings.

One of the wise things any believer can do is to live a humble life. God will keep promoting such a person.

Humility brings promotion and success

One of the secrets to being great in life is living a life of humility.

Jesus told His disciples that if they want to be great, they need to serve others. Jesus referring to Himself said he came to serve and not to be served ( Matthew 20:28)

One of the ways you can live a humble life is by being compassionate and helping people around you irrespective of their pedigree.

If you help and add value to multitudes like Jesus did, you will be great in life.

Jesus Christ has given us the power to live like Him and do greater works as He did here on earth.

Pride brings about failure

One of the things that can bring a man down fast is pride. Pride is dangerous and you should avoid it at all costs so that it doesn’t hinder your success in life.

When you are proud, God Himself will resist you. If God is against you then you have no one to help because God has the final say in every situation.

Pride is not easily noticed

It is possible for you to be proud and you don’t know it.

You might need other people to tell you that you are proud. And I’m sure you might not accept.

But the best thing you can do is to analyse yourself daily to see if you are living a humble life.


In life, it is either you are humble or you are proud. As we have discussed earlier in this post, humility brings about promotion while pride leads to failure and destruction.

God resist the proud and gives grace to the humble.

One of the lessons you can learn from the story of Moses is humility brings about promotion and it can help you fulfil your destiny.

There are things that your natural strength cannot do but with a lifestyle of humility, you can achieve them.

The story of Moses also teaches us that there’s always Something God wants us to learn from every difficulty or challenge we go through. Moses learned his lesson and he was promoted.

If you don’t learn the lesson God wants you to learn, you will be repeating the class which means stagnation and also facing the same challenges you have faced.

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