How To Live A Good Life And Make Impact

Making an impact in life is all about the choices you make; it isn’t something that happens by mistake. Nobody got to the top without putting in effort or having a vision of what they want to achieve.

Some people just live life without having a vision, they just accept whatever life gives to them instead of the making a demand of what they want out of life.

Don’t live a life without plan or vision whereby you accept anything life throws at you. People who have made impact in life are people that have vision. It was an intentional process planed by those people; you can hardly make impact in life if you do not plan towards it.

We’ll be discussing some tips on how to live a life of impact.

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How To Be A Leader That Inspires Other People

In this post we will be discussing how you can be a leader that everyone wants to follow. Leadership is not just about being in a position as a leader because you might be in the position of a leader and not inspire other people who follow you.

You might not be in the position of a leader and you inspire people to follow you. That makes you a leader already, so do not wait till you get the position of a leader before you start acting as one.

I’ve worked with a lot of bosses and I can’t refer to all of them as leaders because they didn’t inspire me but I can call some of the leaders because they inspired me. You must have a lot of bosses or few of them and I’m sure some of them have inspired you while some of them didn’t inspire you in anyway at all instead they created a bad impression of themselves.

You are definitely going to get to the position of leadership someday and it might be leading a group of 5 or 50 people. The question is what do you want to people to remember about you? Would they say you were able to inspire them or would they say you dampened their morale?

I will be showing some attributes that can make you inspire others as a leader.

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Going The Extra Mile To Achieve Your Dreams

The first step to becoming successful in life is having a dream. When you have a dream then you will be able to achieve success easily.

Some people have dreams while some others do not have dreams, but it is not just enough to have dreams, if you are not work on achieving it, then nothing happens.

A lot of people have dreams and they do nothing about it or they do too little to achieve it, which might get them frustrated in life.

The difference between a successful person and someone who isn’t successful is that the successful person had a dream and worked on achieving it while the other person that wasn’t successful possibly had a dream and didn’t work on achieving it.

I have this friend I knew when I was much younger. He had many challenges and excuses for not succeeding in life, which includes not starting school in his early years, supporting his aunt with her business (because he came from the village to the city), doing a lot of chores at home  and doing some personal hustles.

With his schedule he was able to come out with a good result and he studied architecture in the university and today he is successful in his field. A lot of young chaps stilled failed to succeed even though they had lesser challenges than my friend.

One thing I learnt from my friend was the he never gave himself any excuse not to succeed in life. He went the extra mile and he was able to achieve his dreams.

How badly do you want to achieve your dreams?

I will be showing you some tips that can help you go the extra mile to achieve you dreams.

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10 Habits You Need To Stop Right Now If You Want To Succeed In Life

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful is that successful people develop good habits while the unsuccessful people develop bad habits. Success is a result of your effort over a period of time, success is a not a day’s job.

I’ve hardly seen anyone that got successfully by not planning for it. Most successful people plan for their success.

Being successful or not is as a matter of the choices we make at every point in our lives. If you make good choices, then you can succeed but if you make poor choices then you can fail.

Let’s take a look at some habits we need to stop if we want to succeed in life.

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Habits I’ve Noticed Common To Successful People

I’m going to start this post by asking you a question and just take you time to answer the question. The question can be found below.

What Does Success Means To You?

Success means a lot things to a lot of people, in order to make it simple, I will just say success means prospering in different areas(spiritual, physical, finance, education, business, relationship, socially, career) of your life.

That’s my simple definition of success and I hope you get the concept.

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How To Constantly Motivate Yourself Even When You Feel Down


It’s normal for us as humans to feel down sometimes but it’s is not normal to remain in that feeling.

You shouldn’t allow circumstances, situations or challenges determine your mood instead you should be responsible for choosing the mood that you want.

You are responsible for your life and your actions so don’t let anyone or anything control your mood

In this post, I will be showing you how to constantly motivate yourself even when you feel down.

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How To Stop Wasting Your Time

I think one of the easiest things for everyone to do is to waste their time, so in this post we will be discussing how to stop wasting time.

Whenever you procrastinate or you sleep too much or you are just daydreaming then you are wasting your time already. If you don’t know that before then you should get to know it now.

Prioritize your activities

It is really important that you prioritize your activities if you really want to stop wasting time.

You should know the activities that are important, those that are urgent and those that are not important.

If you cannot prioritize your time, you will just be doing whatever comes your way and other people will also include you in their own plan.

Even if you don’t want to prioritize your activities, you should do so to avoid other from including you in their own plan because they feel you do not have your own plan.

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When It’s Time To Start All Over Again

Hey, are you lost and don not know what to do again? Well this might be the best time to start all over again to achieve the desired result you want.

Sometimes you just feel rigid and you don’t want to embrace change. If you do something in a particular way and you don’t get results, if you continue doing the same thing, you will likely not get the desired results you need. So the best option is that you change strategy which might means starting all over again.

I also feel rigid too sometimes and I don’t feel like embracing change but I’ve learnt over time that I need to be a result oriented person and that means I need to embrace change even if it means starting all over again.

First, we will be some reasons why we might need to start all over again.

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The Lessons I Learnt From COVID-19 Pandemic

Thank God the COVID-19 pandemic is gradually reducing around the world and things are beginning to normalize a bit, people can now travel from one county to another even though there seems to be some restrictions.

This period has not only been a time of lockdown for me but it has also been a period of learning for me. I was able to learn some things which I might not have been able to learn if not for the lockdown.

I guess you must have learnt one or more things during this period, I don’t want to believe it was all about watch TV, eating and sleeping. Well, if that was it, it is never too late to start learning something new.

I will be sharing with you few things I learnt during this pandemic period.

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How To Overcome The Habit Of Procrastination

overcome procrastination

You have the ability to overcome any obstacle that may be hindering you from succeeding and one of those obstacles is procrastination.

I will be showing top strategies on how to overcome procrastination.

These are strategies I’ve been able to use to overcome procrastination even though it’s still something I struggle with once in a while.

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