How To Stay Safe During This COVID-19 Pandemic

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It’s important you stay safe during this COVID-19 pandemic period and I understand there are lots of negative feelings out there but I will be showing you some tips on how to do so.

At the end of it all this COVID-19 is going to be a blessing to some people and it’s also not going to be a blessing to some people.

What determines the outcome you get is the way you position yourself. I’m hopeful that we can all get stronger and better when this coronavirus pandemic ends.

So let’s discuss on what our response should be

Stay calm

Staying calm means being confident in times of challenges and it also means not getting worried or fearful when you are faced with challenges.

Most people have wired in such a way that their response to challenging situation is being worried and being fearful. That’s just their default mode.

The right attitude is that when you are faced with challenges, you should stay calm because whatever has a beginning definitely has an ending.

This COVID-19 is definitely going to be relegated to the background soon, so there is no need to get worried or fearful because it’s all going to end soon and life is going to continue.

Stay positive

I need you to stay positive this period and stop being negative. I want you to see yourself as part of those that will see beyond this COVID-19. In life, what you see is what you get, if you see yourself succeeding after this whole pandemic, and then you will get it but if you do not see yourself surviving the pandemic then you might likely get that.

I understand a lot of people feel negative during this period but that doesn’t mean you should join them. They are actually doing it because they do not know it’s going to have a negative effect on them.

Since you know thinking negatively also has negative effects, my advice is that you consciously think positively and also stay positive so that you can experience positive result.

Don’t be careless

Being careless means not following instructions given by authorities like World Health organization or your government regarding how you should coordinate yourself during this period.

Some of the instructions given by WHO includes

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or alcohol-based rub.
  • Maintain social distancing (minimum 1 meter)
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Practice respiratory hygiene
  • If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early
  • Stay informed, follow advice from your healthcare provider

Let’s just try our best to follow this instructions especially the first one which is “wash your hands frequently with soap and water or alcohol-based rub”.

Just do your bit and all is going to be fine.

Stay at home as much as you can

This is one thing a lot of people find hard to do including me. During this period, I’ve always had cause to go out and it’s like that for most people too.

What I did is that I tried to limit my movement, which means I only go out when it’s important I go out. I don’t just go out if it’s not necessary; I don’t just go about on a random visit, going from house to house. I only go out when I need to go out.

I know it’s hard for some people to stay at home because I’ve discussed with a lot of people and they will tell you that they can stay at home for a week because they are going to get bored staying inside.

Well, it’s true that if you stay at home for too long, you are going to get bored but if that’s what going to keep you safe then just do it.

Be prayerful

I believe in prayers, I believe God answers prayer and I believe prayer causes change. Prayer means communicating with God. In this period we actually need the help of God and for you to get that help, you need to pray.

You might be thinking in your  mind right now that there is no God but the truth is that there is a God whether you believe or not.

If you’ve not been praying before, why don’t you give it a try and watch the change it’s going to bring about in your life.

When you pray, you will experience peace, the same way you experience peace when you share your problem with someone who is more experienced and can help you out with your problems.

Learn new lessons

One of the most important things we need to keep doing is learning. We need to keep learning every day, you can learn through various means.

I see every challenge in life as an opportunity to learn something new. Don’t see challenges as a setback instead you should see them as opportunities to learn new things.

So my challenge to you is not to see the negative to side of things only, instead you should look at the positive side of things, stay careful, be prayerful and  find out the lessons you’ve learnt so far during this COVID-19 pandemic period.

Stay at home and stay safe!

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