How To Start Online Business In Nigeria

Starting an online business could be sometimes confusing because most people hear that online business is easy to start and that there are several online business opportunities.

I’ve also heard this people saying these things but it made me more curious and that made me to go search for how to start an online business.

I got a lot of response for on the internet but the ones that caught my attention were the ones I saw on YouTube. They had a lot of videos that I watched but at the end of the day, I became more confused.

Most of the videos and post you see about doing online business are usually exaggerated, it’s being created just to excite you and get you engaged.

I will be giving out some advice for those that want to go into online business and I believe that if you follow this advice, you will be successful in your online business.

Choose one line of online business

This is the junction at which many people get confused because they have a lots of online business ideas in their head and they don’t know which one to pick.

My advice is that you pick one from the many options available to get started there’s affiliate marketing, blogging, e commerce, digital marketing agency, freelancing, social media management etc.

Get a mentor

A mentor is someone who a successful person in your line of business who you can get quality advice from. It might not be easy to get mentor but you can easily get a role model instead.

Getting a role model entails following a successful person you admire and using their strategy to achieve your success also. You can do this by reading books written by your role models or by reading their biography.

You can start part time

It’s true that you can make decent income online but don’t get carried away with the thought of it all happening immediately because it might take awhile before making decent income online.

Most people making their full time income online have tried several times before they were able to get to that level. For you tto get to that level of making full time income online, you need to start now and I suggest you start it as a part time business so as not to get hurt. You can turn it to a full time business once you’ve perfected your art of doing the business.

Put in your best

I hear a lot of people say that online business is simple. Yes, it is simple but you need to run it like every normal business if you want to get the best result. You need to work hard and put your best into it especially at the initial stage. You need to be focused and consistent at doing your online business.

Invest money

One of the things I actually hear about online business is that you can start it for free. Well, that’s true but starting a free online business might reduce your chance at succeeding drastically. It is better you invest your money and do the necessary things you might need to do  like registering a domain name, paying for hosting or branding your business.


Don’t be filled with regrets of not starting your online business earlier than now. It’s never too late, you can start now and achieve a lot than someone who has started some years back if follow the steps I’ve given you.

Cheers to your success

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