Give And You Shall Receive!

Giving means releasing something that you ow or have to someone else.

In today’s discussion, we will be looking a giving from different angles because giving is not just all about giving money.

In accounting when you give, it’s a loss because you put it in your debit account.

But when we look at giving from the aspect of nature, you will see that giving means getting more. For instance if you plant (give) a seed of orange, you will get many oranges back in return.

A lot of time we are scared of giving because we are scared of losing what you have. You feel that when you give, you won’t get back in return.

Things you can give includes:

1. Money

2. Resources

3. Time

4. Ideas

5. Knowledge

6. Service

7. Skills

There are other things you can also give, you can add to the list above.

You should learn to give to others if you want to be successful.

The more the give and help others, the more you will also be successful.

Imagine if you have the skills to cook delicious meal and you live in an environment with no restaurants. What good will it do you if you keep your skills to yourself. You don’t gain anything and others don’t gain anything also.

But if you use your cooking skills by opening a restaurant, you will be helping others and also be making money for yourself.

Or let’s say you have a skill for doing online ads and you have companies that need to promote their products online.

You can either help them or not help them.

If you help them, their business prospers and you also prosper (win-win).

If you don’t help them, their business is stagnant and you also do not get anything in return (loss-loss).

You also need to give money to your business (pay for ads, pay for facilities, pay your staff, purchase materials & equipment for production etc.) to make it grow. If you don’t spend on your business, it’s most likely your business depreciates over time.

Then thing is you should help others with what you have when they are in need of it.

My advice is that you give wisely but do not get to a level where you are stingy and not willing to give what you have.

I know some people might not like what’s been discussed, especially people that are stingy. Well it’s been shared already.

Why I’m writing this piece is to make you aware that it is good and profitable to have a giving attitude.

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